5 Common Nose Shape Issues Rhinoplasty Can Resolve

Noses come in various shapes and sizes – some ideal, but others less so. The most desirable will achieve harmony and bring balance between the nose and other facial features. Because the nose is so prominent on your face, it significantly influences your appearance.

When the nose is too small or too large, is misshapen, or has a cosmetic flaw like an upturned or bulbous tip, prominent hump, or flared nostrils, it could be your most noticeable facial feature. We live in an era when taut skin and brilliant teeth are highly desirable. But these qualities could go unnoticed if no one can see past your nose.

By design, rhinoplasty can resolve nasal problems like asymmetry and irregularities. Here are some of the facial flaws it can address.

1. Nasal Bridge

The nasal bridge is a bony structure that runs between your eyes and down to the nose tip. It is the nose’s central structure, binding cartilage together to create its shape and projection. It also has a considerable influence on your breathing, and if obstructed, may cause snoring.

2. Nose Tip

Cartilage also shapes the nose tip, which creates your profile. Thus, the nose tip plays a critical role in determining facial symmetry. It is also the most common aesthetic concern people seek correction through rhinoplasty.

3. Nostril Openings

The nostril openings play a significant role in nasal appearance and function. The nostrils are the channels that enable breathing. Rhinoplasty has a dual purpose when addressing the nostril openings – it can improve appearance by correcting flared nostrils while opening these passages to increase breathing function.

4. Septum

The septum is the inner wall that should divide the nostrils. Unfortunately, many individuals have a deviated, or irregular, septum. This issue creates uneven nostrils that can cause functional and aesthetic problems.

5. A Crooked Nose

Rhinoplasty can correct a nose that is out of line from base to tip resulting from injury, genetics, or trauma. In many cases, a misshapen nose is strictly an aesthetic issue. However, if pronounced, it will also cause breathing concerns.

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