7 Issues Ear Surgery Can Correct

While ears might not be the central focus of the face, they can be the most obvious. Misshapen or oversized ears can become a common source of teasing among children. Otoplasty is surgery designed to enhance ear appearance. Whether for a child or an adult, otoplasty can correct any of the following cosmetic concerns and make a pair of ears look natural and pleasing.

1. Overly Protruding Ears

When ears stick out excessively from the sides of the head, they tend to lead to ridicule, especially with children. Constant teasing at an early age can cause body image issues and psychological damage. By removing excess ear cartilage, otoplasty can soften protruding ears to lie flatter and be less noticeable.

2. Overly Large Ears

Otoplasty can reduce the size of the ears when they are too large. The ear surgery removes cartilage and reshapes the ear form to balance the ears with the other facial features.

3. Misshapen Lobes

The earlobes can become misshapen for several reasons. They may be genetically small or large, pulled down by heavy earrings, or torn by injury. Otoplasty reshapes the earlobes for more natural-appearing ears.

4. Overly Small Ears

While undersized ears are not as common as prominent ones, they can give a less-than-pleasing appearance. Grafting rib cartilage can reshape and reform small ears to become more pronounced and add balance to the entire face.

5. Lop Ear

A lop ear is when the top part of the ear appears folded over, creating a droopy ear appearance. This cosmetic concern is genetic, and otoplasty can easily correct it.

6. Congenital Defects

Other congenital defects may cause the ears to look abnormal. These may include the following issues.

  • Microtia: One or both ears are underdeveloped.
  • Anotia: One or both ears are missing.
  • Cryptotia: The upper ear is under the scalp.

Otoplasty can correct these congenital issues and deliver a more natural facial appearance.

7. Ear Trauma

Injuries can have a lasting impact on ear structure, at times leading to ear loss. With otoplasty, a surgeon can reconstruct or reshape the injured or lost ear to restore ear presence and facial balance.

Are You or Your Child a Candidate for Otoplasty?

If you are considering ear surgery but unsure if it’s best for you, we would love to have that conversation. During an otoplasty consultation, we’ll discuss your cosmetic goals and concerns. We want to ensure we customize a safe and effective surgical plan. If otoplasty isn’t a good fit, we’ll work to find other options. The best candidates for otoplasty are in good health and want to have facial balance with attractive ears.

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