Top 5 Myths about Facetite Facial Rejuvenation

Most of the time, you can’t even tell someone has had a facelift unless the results are unnatural looking. Less advanced techniques require more stretching than more current techniques of repositioning, causing the infamous “wind-blown” look. It’s why so many women and men pause when considering facial surgery. They want to turn back the effects… Read More »

Love Your Lips, Lose Your Lines this Valentine’s Day

Now that you’ve recovered from the year-end scramble of Christmas shopping and New Year’s celebration, it is time to do something special for you! Valentine’s Day is near, and you should give yourself a gift of love and maybe even show that special somebody that you’d like to look amazing for them. Look fabulous this… Read More »

What to Do for a Broken Nose: First Steps to Take at Home

A broken nose is a fracture or cracks in the bony section of the nose, usually the result of some external trauma. Causes vary, and include falls, vehicle accidents, and sports injuries. Fracturing the nasal area is the most common type of facial fracture, according to several studies worldwide. If you feel you may have… Read More »

Chin Augmentation or Rhinoplasty: Which Will Boost Your Beauty Better?

Facial symmetry is often elusive and always complex. When facial features are not in balance, many individuals seek a facial plastic surgeon to enhance symmetry and boost beauty. Rhinoplasty has been a go-to procedure for decades as the nose is the most prominent facial feature and heavily influences the presence of other features. However, some… Read More »

How the Plastic Surgeon Corrects a Crooked Nose

Many people experience frustration from functional or cosmetic deficiencies of their noses. Though there are many different types of defects of the nose, one of the most noticeable is crookedness, which we define as not following a straight line down the center of the face.  A crooked nose may have many causes, including genetics or… Read More »