Plastic Surgery Trends for 2021

For the past year, medical news and research has had little to do with aesthetic medicine, with nearly all cosmetic procedures taking a backseat to COVID-19. However, the public demand for aesthetic correction has not dwindled with quarantines or shutdowns. Time moves on, and beauty will always be a priority. With that in mind, here… Read More »

4 Issues a Neck Lift Can Address

Is your neck such an aesthetic issue you have a collection of turtlenecks and scarves to hide it away? If yes, we have a solution worth considering. A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes and tightens the neck area on the underside of your chin and jowls. It resolves concerns like a double… Read More »

5 Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Changes to the facial appearance may be worrisome for many women and men who are dealing with the effects of aging. Although there are cosmetic solutions to rejuvenate skin tone and texture, the question is which one is the best. The answer is not straightforward, because cosmetic issues and facial structures are unique to each… Read More »

3 Skin Care Trends That Are Here to Stay

While beauty trends shift over time, healthy skin will never go out of style. The challenge is how to preserve your youthful appearance as you age and start noticing the effects of environmental and lifestyle factors. Many “miracle” skin care treatments come and go, but here at Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer only those… Read More »

10 Skincare Tips for the Evening

Healthy skin means beautiful skin, and a practical skincare regimen leads to both. Although many people in Farmington seek professional help for their cosmetic concerns, it’s wise to complement this with in-home treatments, especially before bed. During these uncertain times with a pandemic keeping many of us indoors, it’s more critical to find a home… Read More »

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Avoid Sun Damage

Examining sun damage and skin protection involves learning to understand some “alphabet soup.” We regularly encounter terms like SPF, UVB, and UVB in articles about what’s best for your skin. At Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery, we prefer to simplify, so there is no confusion in understanding what’s best for your skin beauty. Here is a… Read More »

How Laser Treatments Reduce Acne Scarring

Although there is no shortage of clinical options or home remedies to resolve acne breakouts, understanding how to repair skin once damaged by acne blemishes is less clear. Your initial acne problem may be gone, but confronting unsightly acne scarring that doesn’t fade on its own may require medical help. Fortunately, Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery… Read More »

Caring For Your Skin Under Your Face Mask

Since we first learned about the CDC recommendations advocating face coverings to deter the spread of Covid-19, little did we know that masks would become clothing accessories. And while many of us are making the most of it by owning multiple masks to go with what whatever we wear from day to day, even the… Read More »