Caring For Your Skin Under Your Face Mask

Since we first learned about the CDC recommendations advocating face coverings to deter the spread of Covid-19, little did we know that masks would become clothing accessories. And while many of us are making the most of it by owning multiple masks to go with what whatever we wear from day to day, even the most stylish ones can’t take the place of a swipe of lipstick or makeup.

However, there are other concerns to consider when wearing a mask. As first-line responders and medical professionals now realize, continuous mask-wearing can wreak havoc on our facial skin. Below are some tips that our staff at Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery have created to help your skin shine through these uncertain times.

Steer Clear of Harsh Scrubs

Thick creams and heavy-duty exfoliants, which can exacerbate congestion, is a no-go during this pandemic. We suggest you pare down your routine with a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner, gel moisturizer, or light serum. Prioritize soothing ingredients like niacinamide, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. Let these nutrients absorb into your skin for at least five minutes before putting on your face covering to allow the best results.

Maintain Protection

Yes, your face is covered partially, but it’s still prone to sun damage when you go outdoors. Don’t forget the sunscreen as a daily routine of skincare. We suggest our Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50 that combines dynamic UVA blockage and high UVB absorption. It is fragrant free and suitable for all skin types.

Give Your Lips Some Love

We often forget about our lips when it’s hot. And during this Covid crisis with our lips brushing against the mask regularly, our skin and lips tend to get dry. Lip balm can do the trick if used liberally. We suggest Bobbi Brown’s lip balm and Burt’s Bees. Both are non-greasy and help keep your lips moist and soft.

Choose the Right Mask

With so many masks now on the market, it’s easy to start wearing ones that are not skin-friendly. We suggest cotton masks if you’re not wearing the disposable variety. And we also recommend washing them before reusing them day-in and day-out.

Skip the Makeup if Possible

Now is an excellent time to give your facial skin a good rest. Take this opportunity to give your face a break from wearing makeup every day. Skip a day or two, or if you’re staying home, a week. If you have pending Zoom meetings, put it on, then take it off immediately when your online session is over. Your skin will love the vacation and reward you later on.

Treat Breakouts with TLC

If you’re having a breakout, don’t pull out the big guns. A healthy barrier is vital during these times. Skip harsh acne treatments by using soothing products to soften redness and irritation. Also, implement acne patches under the mask as a handy resolution to your blemish concerns.

If you need more information about how to care for your skin under a mask, contact us today or call (860) 676-2473 for a consultation.