Chin Augmentation or Rhinoplasty: Which Will Boost Your Beauty Better?

Facial symmetry is often elusive and always complex. When facial features are not in balance, many individuals seek a facial plastic surgeon to enhance symmetry and boost beauty. Rhinoplasty has been a go-to procedure for decades as the nose is the most prominent facial feature and heavily influences the presence of other features. However, some patients are surprised to learn that adjustments to the chin can also enhance facial symmetry. There are times a chin implant is the best option or combining the two procedures will work best.

The Nose Influences the Chin and Vice-Versa

If you are baffled as to which feature will improve your appearance, it’s best to recognize that changes to one will influence the other. For example, a weak chin can exaggerate the size of the nose, and conversely, a smallish nose can make the chin stand out. Your plastic surgeon will assess your unique facial anatomy to determine the best surgical plan to enhance your beauty with optimal results.

Which is Better?

Plastic surgery is not a one-size-fits-all solution to aesthetic concerns. Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure that can make multiple changes to the nose while having a significant influence on the entire face. Although a chin implant is more straightforward, it yields surprising results for those patients who require more definition. Only you and your plastic surgeon can make the decision on which procedure will best suit you.

When Rhinoplasty is the Best Choice

Let’s face it. The nose is smack dab in the middle of the face and usually will draw the most attention when it is too large, or there is a flaw like crookedness, a hump or a bulbous tip. When the nose is the problem, then, of course, rhinoplasty will be your best option. But as with other facial features, your surgeon will assess the relationship with your nose and chin to ensure that the nose is the only issue to achieve your desired outcome and devise a surgical plan accordingly.

When a Chin Implant is the Best Choice

If you have an under-projected or weak chin, an implant will be your best option if there is no issue with your nose. Although rhinoplasty can make the chin appear more prominent by decreasing nose size and projection, if the chin is the main problem then an implant is the best plan to achieve facial balance. The surgery is relatively straightforward, with minimal recovery.

When Both is the Best Choice

There are times that the best option is to combine the two procedures to get the best result. This option will give your surgeon control over your facial symmetry with the best outcome. Other benefits to combining the procedures are to reduce cost, risk, and no additional recovery.

Next Steps

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