Don’t be fooled! 5 Common Myths about Facelifts


In our experience with talking to patients, we find that facelift is the procedure most surrounded by misunderstanding and myth. Whether it has been sensationalized by celebrities or poked fun at because of morphed surgery claims, the reality is that few people fully understand this remarkable operation. At Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery, we would like to take the opportunity to debunk the five most common myths. We also want to show why each year roughly 100,000 patients in the USA reclaim their youth with a facelift.

1. Only Old People Get a Facelift

This myth may be the most destructive because it causes patients to put off a facelift when they are at a younger age. Many women and men choose a facelift in their 40s to stave off the effects of aging. Everyone is different in anatomy, lifestyle, and genetics, with some patients benefiting from cosmetic surgery when they’re younger. Also, having a facelift earlier may be preferable because of faster healing and as a boost for self-esteem for personal or professional reasons.

2. You’ll Have The “Done Look”

Nobody wants their appearance to look fake, and neither does your facial plastic surgeon. We’ve all seen someone with the appearance that their skin was pulled too tight. But here’s the reality—you only notice the bad results and not the good ones. Several stars in Hollywood and people walking down Main Street have had a facelift without anyone the wiser. The trick is to find a surgeon who has extensive experience in facial surgery and the credentials to back it up.

3. Recovery is Long and Brutal

The sensationalism of Hollywood has many of us thinking that facelift patients will be wrapped up like a mummy at an undisclosed location for a significant amount of time. Actually, most patients return to work or their daily activities within two weeks. Also, facelift recovery is highly tolerable with medications and great aftercare, giving you only a short downtime in relative comfort.

4. Facelifts Address Only the Superficial Layers of the Skin

Modern cosmetic surgery offers advanced technology and techniques to resolve the effects of an aging face. Although eliminating excess, sagging skin is part of the procedure, repositioning underlying tissues and fat will add volume in certain areas while lifting contours in others. Also, combined with eyelid surgery, a brow lift, and other techniques to define the jawline, your facelift can provide transformative but natural-looking results.

5. Facelifts Are Only for Women

The gap between the number of women and men seeking cosmetic help is narrowing. More men are choosing aesthetic improvements, and that trend is increasing every year. A facelift is just one of the many cosmetic procedures that are attracting more male patients. Men are getting non-surgical enhancements like BOTOX® and dermal fillers, and body contouring like liposuction, as well.

Man or woman, come in for a consultation to find out how you could benefit from a facelift and take the first step towards erasing years from your face.