Get BOOtiful Skin This Halloween! 10 Great Tips on How To Make Your BOTOX® Last Longer

Although Halloween is all about scary, it doesn’t mean your natural appearance should frighten anyone. Smooth skin is desirable no matter the holiday, which means crow’s feet and forehead lines need to go. Perhaps BOTOX® is part of your anti-aging regimen for enhanced facial beauty. If so, here are ten tips to ensure the injectable treatment lasts longer, so beauty will be part of your costume. No trick, just a welcome treat.

1. Sleep Well

There are a couple of tips related to sleep that can extend your BOTOX® results. First, sleep on you back, not your side or tummy. And start using silk pillowcases to minimize creases and lines on your face.

2. Protect Yourself From the Sun

Yes, we know it’s fall, not summer. But the sun takes no holiday in attacking healthy skin. Make sure you wear sunscreen faithfully, and avoid direct sunlight, especially after BOTOX® injections.

3. Proper Skincare

Antioxidants, vitamin C, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and retinol all effectively fight the good fight against aging skin. Include them in the skincare products that you apply at home.

4. Supplements

Load up on your supply of Zinc. This natural mineral may have a long-lasting effect on your BOTOX® and its results.

5. Maintain Your Treatments

Is it time for another session? To ensure your BOTOX® benefits continue, you should plan to repeat your treatment every four to six months.

6. Combine With Other Treatments

Although BOTOX® is an excellent standalone treatment, it works well within a comprehensive anti-aging plan.  Treatments to consider include dermal fillers, laser treatment, and medical-grade skincare.

7. Don’t Overdo the Exercise

A workout regimen is essential for overall health. But if you overdo it, it can affect your BOTOX® benefits over time. We ask you to refrain from exercise for 24-hours after BOTOX® and don’t push too hard afterward.

8. Easy With the Alcohol

We know it’s tempting, being that the holiday season is approaching, but keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum will help your BOTOX® results last longer. Also, refrain from anything that thins the blood, like anti-inflammatory medication.

9. Eat Healthily

A lifestyle with proper eating habits will go a long way to making your BOTOX® benefits last. It will also help you live a healthy life.

10. Chill

One word that you should keep in mind is cortisol. It’s a hormone that, when elevated in your system, breaks down elastin, collagen, and BOTOX®. So rest easy, my friend, and…chill.

BOTOX® for the Holidays

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