Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment in Farmington, CT

At Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer multiple therapies to help men and women who experience thinning or loss of hair. Male and female pattern baldness results from the same condition: androgenetic alopecia. It can occur from hormonal changes or genetics, progressing with age. The condition is more common with men than women, but women may also struggle with this issue.

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Hair Transplant Surgery

For men who suffer from balding or thinning hair, not having a full head of hair can affect confidence and detract from their optimal appearance. Hair transplant surgery is the repositioning of existing hair to thinning or bald areas. The surgery is highly effective at permanently restoring hair fullness in places like the front or top.

Hair Loss (Male & Female)

Problems with thinning hair or hair loss? Our Farmington hair loss treatments are an excellent way to diagnose the cause and allow Dr. Brook Seeley to recommend an appropriate solution. Men and women have found his attention to detail and medical expertise the perfect path to enjoying hair fulness and a boost of self-confidence.

Laser Hair Removal

Struggling with unwanted hair in all the wrong places? Tired of messy creams, razor burns, or waxing kits? If you are looking for a more comfortable permanent solution for excess body or facial hair, contact us today. Since the mid-‘90s, laser hair removal has become the most effective treatment to eliminate unwanted hair.

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