Procedures You Can Combine With a Facelift

Also known as a rhytidectomy, a facelift can revive your facial appearance and turn back the common signs of aging. It resolves facial blemishes like sagging skin, wrinkles, and diminishing facial volume. There are different options for a facelift operation that include traditional surgery and a mini facelift. 

However, a facelift doesn’t always completely fulfill the patient’s cosmetic goals. Many men and women are now choosing to combine other aesthetic corrections needed above the shoulders. This option of merging more than one facial procedure into one session is trending in the aesthetic medical field. It offers the patient their desired results with less cost, less time on the operating table, and a shorter recovery period. Here are the most popular procedures our patients choose to combine with a facelift.

Neck Lift

What good is a beautiful painting set in an old and faded frame? Your neck offsets your facial beauty. If your neck is banded or has loose skin, or you’ve lost jawline definition, it can detract from your facelift results. A neck lift addresses these issues and more, leaving you with a pleasing complement to your facelift results. 

Brow Lift

You may hear people refer to a brow lift as a forehead lift because it resolves loose forehead skin and repositions the eyebrows. This surgery allows for natural expressivity, giving this often-overlooked facial area the complement your face deserves. It also addresses the upper part of your face to complete your facial rejuvenation. 

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift)

With age, your eyelids may become puffy, wrinkled, or sag into your eyes. This effect makes you look tired and worn. An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty will rejuvenate your eyelids to youthful appearances, making your eyes look fresh and bright. Choose either upper or lower blepharoplasty or both to let your eyes shine again. 

Nose Job

The nose is the most prominent feature on your face. When it is imperfect, you may have disharmony among your other facial features. With many individuals, addressing the size, shape, or width of the nose is essential to facial beauty. Rhinoplasty can address imperfections like a nose that is too large, misshapen, or is not in balance with the rest of your face. 

Non-Surgical Treatments

We find many of our patients choose to go the less invasive route to complement their facelift results. They discover our dermal filler options as well as our injectables, like BOTOX®, to be excellent treatments to combine with a facelift. Whether it’s expression lines or volume loss that needs addressing, our non-surgical options can add a fantastic benefit to complete your facial rejuvenation. 

Full Facial Rejuvenation Can Be Yours

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