Considering Laser Hair Removal? Here’s What You Should Know

When considering laser hair removal, it pays to do your homework. Many products and providers promise to keep unwanted hair away, leaving you with permanently smooth, maintenance-free skin. But it’s crucial to study the facts before diving into a treatment that might not be right for you. There are many advantages to having laser treatment… Read More »

How Laser Treatments Reduce Acne Scarring

Although there is no shortage of clinical options or home remedies to resolve acne breakouts, understanding how to repair skin once damaged by acne blemishes is less clear. Your initial acne problem may be gone, but confronting unsightly acne scarring that doesn’t fade on its own may require medical help. Fortunately, Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery… Read More »

How to Care for Your Skin After Laser Treatments

woman with smooth skin

Laser treatments are a popular way to address a variety of skincare concerns. Treatment can reduce stubborn acne scars, address issues related to pigmentation, or fill in uneven spots on the face. While laser treatments are able to produce dramatic skincare results, aftercare can be a challenging affair, especially if skin layers are removed. This… Read More »