The Most Common Cosmetic Nose Concerns

People explore the option of cosmetic nose surgery for several different reasons. A nose job is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic surgeries in the world, spanning many continents and cultures. Because complications due to rhinoplasty are relatively rare and serious risks are minimal, many people who want to enhance the appearance of their nose choose to have it surgically treated.  This blog discusses the most common reasons individuals choose to undergo a rhinoplasty.

The Nose is Too Big or Too Long

You may feel your nose is overly large or long. You may feel that it draws attention away from your other facial features. Making the nose smaller or shorter requires reduction rhinoplasty techniques which contour the profile and create more harmony between the nose and the rest of your face. Cosmetic nose surgery can result in an overall greater balance of the front and profile views of the face; enhancing your beautiful features, rather than concealing them. Improving facial harmony can dramatically boost your confidence, improving overall quality of life.

The Nose Lacks Definition

One of the most common concerns we hear is that the nose lacks definition. Broad, bulbous, wide; each patient has a different way to describe it, but they each want to improve the definition of their nose. Lack of definition is addressed in tip rhinoplasty. By sculpting the underlying cartilage framework, the tip definition can be refined. The enhanced contours of the tip help draw attention to the middle of the face and the area around the eyes. This helps bring the whole face in harmony.

The Nose is Too Pointy

Often, a pointy nose is caused by excess cartilage at the nasal tip. A pointy nose can be effectively treated through surgical techniques aimed at reducing or removing this cartilage. A reduction of the enlarged tissue at the end of the nose can create a visually appealing, round shape. Using rhinoplasty to re-contour the nasal tip can improve the entire appearance of the nose as well as the overall balance of the face. If the tip is your only cosmetic concern, your procedure can be highly specific in scope, requiring less downtime and healing more quickly than other types of rhinoplasty surgeries.

The Nose is Crooked or Asymmetrical

No one is born perfectly symmetric and we all have varying degrees of facial asymmetry, including our noses.  If your nose is crooked, it may be due to natural facial development, damage to the nose during birth or early childhood, hereditary factors, or even facial trauma. Rhinoplasty procedures aimed at straightening a crooked nose typically require resetting the nasal bones and adjusting the nasal cartilage.  This type of rhinoplasty is quite complex and requires a multi-faceted approach. We always recommend a highly-skilled, experienced facial surgeon for superior outcomes in these type of complex cases.

There is a Prominent Bump On the Bridge of the Nose

It is not uncommon for people to have a noticeable bump on the nasal bridge. These bumps can vary in size and shape. Achieving ideal results requires tailoring the “hump” reduction to enhance your unique features. Some patients prefer to partially reduce the bump, while others want a completely smooth and straight nasal profile. We always customize our surgical plan to each individual patient to best achieve their unique goals. The most critical part of any rhinoplasty consult is creating a plan to meet your specific needs.

A rhinoplasty that is custom-designed to address your concerns can greatly enhance your face, helping to emphasize your best features and create overall facial harmony.  It is helpful to bring pictures to your consultation appointment that show noses displaying the features and symmetry that you’d like; these can serve to guide the conversation between you and your surgeon, providing our specialists with a clear idea of your aesthetic goals.

Whatever your cosmetic concerns may be, a rhinoplasty can enhance your nose, improve your facial balance, and create overall improved facial harmony. Call 860.676.2473 to find out more about whether rhinoplasty may be right for you.