Top 5 Myths about Facetite Facial Rejuvenation

Most of the time, you can’t even tell someone has had a facelift unless the results are unnatural looking. Less advanced techniques require more stretching than more current techniques of repositioning, causing the infamous “wind-blown” look. It’s why so many women and men pause when considering facial surgery. They want to turn back the effects of aging on their faces, but not at the expense of looking like they had surgery. With the advancements of aesthetic medicine, more of these concerns have been alleviated, especially with the introduction of FaceTite technology to the Farmington area. 

Since its inception, there has been some misinformation floating out there about this state-of-the-art facial treatment. It’s best to understand the truth about the procedure before deciding if FaceTite is right for you. Here are five debunked myths you should know about:

Myth #1—It’s Painful

In our office, there is little cause for alarm when it comes to experiencing discomfort during FaceTite. We use a local anesthetic to minimize pain and an oral sedative for relaxation during the procedure. We may also use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to add to the calming effect. Most patients indicate that they are completely comfortable during the procedure.

Myth # 2—The Improvement is Hard to See

This myth has some truth. Your friends will not notice a big difference in your enhanced aesthetics, but there will be a subtle change that will create a younger-looking version of you. With no incisions to speak of, the only visible results are diminished wrinkles, lines, and folds. Your results make you look better, well-rested, and more alert.

Myth #3—Any Provider Can Perform a Facelift

The creator of FaceTite, InMode, only sells its technology to highly-skilled surgeons. A board-certified facial plastic surgeon is the best choice for any facial procedure, including this one. They have extensive training in facial anatomy and reconstructive surgery and are highly qualified to give you the best possible results.

Myth #4—It’s Expensive

For men and women who want to turn back the clock on their facial appearances by resolving fine lines, wrinkles, and folds, FaceTite offers a non-surgical remedy. It also allows you to get ahead of the natural aging process before wrinkles and lines become a serious cosmetic concern. 

From a cost perspective, FaceTite is less expensive than its surgical alternative, a facelift, with less downtime. Also, you can enjoy the perks of improved self-esteem and confidence, which are priceless. And remember, there’s no money better spent than investing in yourself.

Myth #5—Extended Downtime

The downtime for FaceTite is less than if you had a facelift. Although you will need to wear a compression garment for a few days, you will enjoy your results quickly and as if you took years off your appearance without going under the knife.

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