5 Foods With Anti-Aging Benefits

Regardless of your choice of anti-aging serums and luxe moisturizers, they can only do so much. Youthful skin begins with lifestyle choices, and that includes the foods you eat. Exercise plays a role, as does our use of sunscreen. But our diet, says Naomi Whittel, a wellness expert and author of Glow 15, is “so… Read More »

Popular Non-Surgical Procedures During Spring

As the temperatures rise and we begin to thaw, it becomes time to get out and about and be seen. However, after experiencing the cold-dry climate of Connecticut, we may need some sprucing up to look our best. Fortunately, several non-surgical treatments can have us looking fantastic in no time. Here are five we think… Read More »

Considering Laser Hair Removal? Here’s What You Should Know

When considering laser hair removal, it pays to do your homework. Many products and providers promise to keep unwanted hair away, leaving you with permanently smooth, maintenance-free skin. But it’s crucial to study the facts before diving into a treatment that might not be right for you. There are many advantages to having laser treatment… Read More »

What Can a Brow Lift Do for Your Face?

Does your brow hang low, obscuring your eyes and perhaps giving you the appearance of a permanent scowl? We know you’re a happy person. It’s only the natural aging process. Over time, environmental factors can cause some people to develop an unfriendly or angry look. Brow lift surgery changes all that. It can resolve a… Read More »

Plastic Surgery Trends for 2021

For the past year, medical news and research has had little to do with aesthetic medicine, with nearly all cosmetic procedures taking a backseat to COVID-19. However, the public demand for aesthetic correction has not dwindled with quarantines or shutdowns. Time moves on, and beauty will always be a priority. With that in mind, here… Read More »

4 Issues a Neck Lift Can Address

Is your neck such an aesthetic issue you have a collection of turtlenecks and scarves to hide it away? If yes, we have a solution worth considering. A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes and tightens the neck area on the underside of your chin and jowls. It resolves concerns like a double… Read More »