What to Do for a Broken Nose: First Steps to Take at Home

A broken nose is a fracture or cracks in the bony section of the nose, usually the result of some external trauma. Causes vary, and include falls, vehicle accidents, and sports injuries. Fracturing the nasal area is the most common type of facial fracture, according to several studies worldwide. If you feel you may have… Read More »

Chin Augmentation or Rhinoplasty: Which Will Boost Your Beauty Better?

Facial symmetry is often elusive and always complex. When facial features are not in balance, many individuals seek a facial plastic surgeon to enhance symmetry and boost beauty. Rhinoplasty has been a go-to procedure for decades as the nose is the most prominent facial feature and heavily influences the presence of other features. However, some… Read More »

How the Plastic Surgeon Corrects a Crooked Nose

Many people experience frustration from functional or cosmetic deficiencies of their noses. Though there are many different types of defects of the nose, one of the most noticeable is crookedness, which we define as not following a straight line down the center of the face.  A crooked nose may have many causes, including genetics or… Read More »

5 Cosmetic Nose Issues a Liquid Nose Job Can Fix

How often do we look in the mirror and see something wrong? Although we often reach for makeup to enhance our appearance, why settle for an illusion? Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery offers non-surgical rhinoplasty to define and highlight key facial features so you can look your best even before you open your vanity drawer. We… Read More »

The Best Dermal Fillers and Injectables by Skin Type

Dermal fillers are effective treatments to restore facial volume and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. If you are contemplating injectable treatments to restore facial beauty, you may be aware that there are different options, and choosing one may require help. There is a reason for this wide range of products, and you should understand… Read More »