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Nasal Reconstruction in Farmington & Hartford, CT

The general indication for nasal reconstruction is a defect or loss of function of the nose that results from trauma or surgical excision of neoplasm. Dr. Seeley provides an array of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures to improve the form and function of the nose. He offers a respected center of expertise for rebuilding the nose for any number of reasons, including birth defects, cancer excisions, trauma, infection, human and animal bites or poor results from previous rhinoplasty.

The appearance of an imperfectly shaped but normal nose can be improved. An altogether missing nose can be rebuilt after disease or injury. And though anguish associated with nasal deformity can be significant, recovery following nasal surgery is rapid and many procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. More importantly, the aesthetic and functional results can be excellent with minimal facial scarring.

Our Nasal Reconstructive Surgery Services Include:

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Dr. Brook Seely

Dr. Brook Seely has worked in medicine for over 27 years and founded Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery in Farmington. Dr. Seeley studied at the University of Rochester, is double-board certified, and specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeries.

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