5 Cosmetic Nose Issues a Liquid Nose Job Can Fix

How often do we look in the mirror and see something wrong? Although we often reach for makeup to enhance our appearance, why settle for an illusion? Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery offers non-surgical rhinoplasty to define and highlight key facial features so you can look your best even before you open your vanity drawer. We approach facial beauty in its entirety, considering all of the interactions among each feature, and we can improve major cosmetic flaws within a single, relatively quick procedure. 

There is not a more prominent feature on your face than your nose. It resides squarely in the middle of your face, either adding or detracting from how others see you. When it is straight, and of an ideal size and proportion, it rarely gets noticed; but if it is crooked or has other defects, it’s the first thing someone sees. 

Our board-certified facial plastic surgeons understand how the nose can affect your appearance. As a team, we work with many patients who are not happy with their noses and the disharmony caused to their faces. We take the time to consult with each patient individually and suggest the best approach to correct their cosmetic concerns and deliver results that increase their confidence and make them look great. 

Cosmetic Nose Issues

The importance of facial harmony cannot be overemphasized. As the most prominent facial feature, the nose is crucial for facial balance and, for many of our patients, a positive self-image. We have earned a reputation in Connecticut for delivering optimal results that create facial balance through non-surgical rhinoplasty. Using only injectable fillers, here are five cosmetic issues we can fix with this procedure: 

Narrow Nose Bridge

A narrow bridge is a common cosmetic defect that we can address with non-surgical rhinoplasty. This flaw is created when the bridge of the nose is thin, tight, or tapered in some way. We can correct this issue by building up volume at the bridge through strategically placed injections.

Droopy Nose Tip

This concern is when the tip of the nose seems to drop dramatically. A lack of volume or structure at the tip causes the problem, and it can be corrected by adding volume through fillers.

Crooked Nose

When the nose does not progress in a straight line, adding volume in strategic areas can reduce lumps and dips and give the appearance of a straight nose. Although the procedure temporarily corrects the issues, it does not fix the underlying problems, and the patient may require surgical rhinoplasty if deeper, structural issues are present. 

Camouflage Bumps

The use of dermal fillers can temporarily hide small bumps without surgery by recontouring the nose and mask these nose blemishes, often in less than 10 minutes. 


Facial fillers are effective in improving the symmetry and balance of the nasal features. With a series of quick injections, a skilled clinician can balance the nose size and shape and work wonders to enhance the look of your nose. Overall, you will notice an enhance facial appearance as asymmetry in the nose will no longer detract from more important features, like your eyes.

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