Laser Treatments

Cosmetic lasers can be a valuable tool in addressing common skin concerns. Our Farmington facial plastic surgery office is home to our state-of-the-art laser center and is where we perform all our laser treatments. Our team invites you to visit our office and discover discover the benefits of cosmetic lasers for yourself.

Laser technology can help you achieve your best skin, by resolving issues of texture, tone, and pigment. Learn more about our laser treatment options below and call us for laser skin care at Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery.

Lumenis Laser – Non-Ablative Laser Treaments in Farmington & Hartford County

We use the Lumenis Laser device for all laser treatments performed at Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery. This device was carefully selected for our practice because of its versatility, safety, and effective results.

This laser device is non-ablative, which means that it does not remove layers of skin. This unique laser works under the skin, provides for less invasive treatment, and offers a shorter, easier recovery period compared to ablative lasers. If you’ve are off-put by what you’ve heard about recovery after a laser treatment, it is likely that you’re thinking of traditional, ablative lasers. However, the Lumenis Laser is much gentler, and patients find the recovery is quick and easy.

We use the Lumenis device to address for the following:

For hair removal, we use the Lumenis Light Sheer laser. Say goodbye to that mustache or unibrow!

Hyperpigmentation, including age spots, sun spots, and uneven skin tone, is treated using IPL, which is short for intense pulsed light. IPL uses multiple wavelengths to penetrate the skin and target pigment-producing

Vascular conditions are treated using the Nd: YAG 1064 laser. It works well on deep vascular lesions, veins, and redness.

Talk with us about your skin, and we can explore laser treatments together. Our goal is your best skin, and we have many tools and options available for addressing your skin concerns.

Laser Hair Removal in Farmington & Hartford, CT

Unwanted facial hair is a common problem. Waxing and tweezing can remove it temporarily, but many patients are looking for a longer lasting solution to unwanted hair. We offer laser hair removal using the Lumenis Light Sheer laser. This technology targets the pigment at the hair follicle and inhibits regrowth. A series of laser hair removal treatments will significantly reduce the amount of unwanted hair and works best with dark hair and lighter skin.

Most patients will require about six session for effective laser hair removal. Some regrowth can occur after treatment, but it is much lighter, finer, and less abundant.

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Treating Hyperpigmentation with Laser Skin Care

Although hyperpigmentation can be treated using several laser technologies, our go-to pick is often IPL. This treatment targets pigment in discolored areas, breaking it down and bringing it to the skin’s surface. Spots darken temporarily and, in a few days, slough off.

We love that IPL is gentle, requiring no downtime after treatment.  Redness is common and lasts for a couple of days but is easily covered with makeup. The Nd: YAG laser, which is a pulsed and Q-switched laser technology, can also treat pigmentation problems.

Veins and Redness: How Laser Treatments Can Help

Veins, redness, and other vascular conditions can be treated with our long pulse Nd: YAG laser treatment. This laser heats the tissues deep within the skin, changing the vascular structure of unwanted veins, lesion, and other cosmetic skin problems.  

We can use our Nd: YAG laser on all skin types and colors, including dark skin, results in excellent outcomes with minimal downtime. IPL may be recommended for some patients with veins and redness.

Choose CT Facial for Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Before you come in for your first laser treatment with us, you should know that we do things differently. We take a patient-first approach and customize treatment to meet your individual needs. It is our goal to ensure that love your results and can meet your cosmetic goals with our help. We believe that these differences make Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery one of the best options for laser skin treatments in Farmington.

Every laser treatment at our practice is:

  • Performed by a board-certified, specialty-trained doctor. Our doctors perform all laser treatments themselves; we never pass treatments off to nurses or other staff. Whether you’re receiving a facelift, a laser procedure, or injectables, you’ll meet with one of our surgeons at every visit to our practice.
  • Customized to the patient’s needs. The Lumenis device allows for highly customizable laser treatments. We can change settings, device type, intensity, and more to ensure your best results. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

There are many medical spas and plastic surgery practices that offer cosmetic laser treatments in Farmington and Hartford County, CT. Thank you for considering our practice for your treatment Call (860) 676-2473 to schedule your first laser treatment with us!