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Skin Care in Farmington and Hartford County, CT

At CT Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer an array of the most effective products and treatments for your skin care concerns. Whether you are struggling with acne or the effects of aging, we care for your skin and help you look your best. We are proud to offer Obagi skin care products, which we have selected for their high-quality ingredients and science-backed formulas that are the most effective on the market. At-home, medical grade products are the perfect complement to in-office skin care procedures provided by our skin care professionals.

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Anti-Aging Skin Care from Aesthetic Professionals

As a part of the natural aging process, your skin may be come discolored and dull. However, you can combat the signs of aging effectively with a strong skin care routine. Our patients love the Obagi Nu-Derm® anti-aging skin care system. Offered only by prescription, these products contain pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients that work to combat discoloration and hyperpigmentation, such as melasma. The complete skin care system will also help to exfoliate the outer, dead and dull layer of skin cells, revealing vibrant, new skin. Consistent use of these high-quality skin care products has given our patients stunning results. Get back your glow with our anti-aging Obagi skin care products.

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Acne Treatments to Resolve Breakouts and Smooth Scars

When pores become clogged with dead skin cells, dirt, and oils, the result is a small infection that creates a pimple. While some of us have only the occasional pimple, others combat them more frequently. Though acne is most common during the teen years, it can also affect adults. It can be irritating, painful, and embarrassing to have acne, and blemishes can even leave you with visible scars.

Our skin care specialists offer effective acne treatments in Farmington and Hartford, CT. For some, the consistent use of skin care products formulated to combat and prevent acne will clear their skin. Others can benefit from one of our chemical peels which can treat a current outbreak and help to clear blocked pores. If you have scars from acne, we can also reduce these and leave you with clear, smooth skin. A consultation with one of our facial plastic surgeons, Drs. Seeley and Karter, can help determine the best course of treatment for you.

Eyelash Enhancement

It is not uncommon for your eyelashes to thin as you age, and many people crave thicker, fuller eyelashes. While mascara and false lashes can help, there is a prescription topical treatment that can cause you to grow more and longer lashes, without the hassle of a daily makeup routine. Latisse® is an easy-to-use treatment that you apply once per day. After a few short months, your eyelashes will be noticeably longer and fuller. We are happy to offer our patients this revolutionary eyelash treatment in our office.

Eye Rejuvenation – Non-Surgical Treatment to Brighten and Firm Skin

Your eyes are the first thing that most people see when they look at you. But your eyes can look tired and weary from the effects of aging. This is most often caused by a gradual loosening of skin around the eyes that naturally occurs as we get older. Obagi ELASTiderm® was been developed to create a visible and youthful lift to the delicate skin around the eyes. This serum is the best on the market, and it is made up of an combination of active ingredients that work in synergy to create beautiful results.

Obagi ELASTiderm®’s bi-mineral complex replenishes elasticity and supports collagen production for smoother, firmer skin; it also contains malonic acid, which stimulates the production of new skin cells for overall renewal. The latest formulation of ELASTiderm®’s formula contains caffeine, which reduces under-eye puffiness. These ingredients, applied with a smoothing rollerball, maximize delivery of the serum and reduce puffiness. This Obagi ELASTiderm® Eye Complete Complex™ will give you stunning results.

Professional Skin for Skin Protection

The sun takes its toll on our skin through ultraviolet radiation (UV); sun damage is the primary cause of discolorations in the skin that occur as we age. But you don’t have to live with sun damaged skin. A good skin care routine that includes sun protection will help prevent UV damage. In fact, protecting your skin from sun damage is the single most important thing you can do to slow down the signs of aging and prevent skin cancer.

Because skin protection is so critical, we offer our patients the best topical sun screen available. Obagi Nu-Derm® Sun Shield SPF 50 is a sunscreen that absorbs UVB and blocks UVA radiation using zinc oxide (10.5%) and octinoxate (7.5%). Best of all, it is non-whitening and has a matte finish for a clean look. Obagi Nu-Derm® Sun Shield is fragrance-free and PABA-free, so it is appropriate for all skin types.

Learn more about Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation in Farmington and Hartford, CT

There are so many different factors that contribute to the aging process, and many people have skin that makes them appear older than they are. Whether you struggle with discoloration, uneven texture due to sun damage, fine lines and wrinkle, loss of tissue elasticity, blemishes or acnes scars, or dull skin tone, Drs. Seeley and Karter offer an array of skin care products and procedures to restore your youthful appearance.

Non-invasive facial rejuvenation includes topical treatments and chemical peels, while minimally-invasive options include injectable treatments that can reverse the signs of aging. Whatever your goals, we will design a facial rejuvenation treatment plan that is fully customized to your skin to give you back your youthful, smooth skin and glow.

About author - Dr. Brook Seely

Dr. Brook Seely

Dr. Brook Seely has worked in medicine for over 27 years and founded Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery in Farmington. Dr. Seeley studied at the University of Rochester, is double-board certified, and specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeries.

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About author - Dr. Nicholas Karter

Dr. Nicholas Karter

Double-board certified surgeon Dr. Nicholas Karter was raised and studied in Connecticut while making it onto the Healthgrades Honor Roll. His residency training was in otolaryngology, sparking his interest in cosmetic facial treatments, both surgical and non-surgical.

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