Fewer Wrinkles with No Downtime- BOTOX® in Farmington or Hartford, CT

Every time you squint, smile, or scowl, your facial muscles contract. These contractions pull and fold the skin, and over time, wrinkles develop. For creases, lines, and furrows caused by repeated muscle contractions, we provide BOTOX® in Farmington. This prescription, injectable cosmetic treatment is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments at our practice and nation-wide; in the U.S., more than seven million BOTOX® procedures are performed annually.

Visit us at Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery to learn more about BOTOX® Cosmetic. At our practice, all injectable treatments are performed exclusively by our facial plastic surgeons, never nurses or other staff.

What Is BOTOX® and How Does it Work?

BOTOX® is FDA-approved to treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead creases. It received its first FDA-approval for cosmetic use in 2002 and has impressed both doctors and patients ever since. It provides effective results and has an excellent safety profile.

BOTOX® is a highly purified form of botulinum toxin used to reduce muscle activity that causes wrinkling. A small amount of BOTOX® is injected into the skin, near targeted muscle areas. It works by interfering with communication between nerves and muscles. Since these muscle movements can lead to wrinkling, BOTOX® weakens the movements, and in turn, prevents and reverses some wrinkling.

When performed by a skilled injector, like Dr. Karter or Dr. Seeley, BOTOX® results are very natural looking. Our patients achieve a significant reduction in facial wrinkling while maintaining the ability to make natural facial expressions. Friends and family will notice that you look more vibrant than ever, but no one will realize that BOTOX® is your beauty secret. BOTOX® provides subtle rejuvenation. You’ll still look like you, but without those pesky facial lines.

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What to Expect from a BOTOX® Treatment in Farmington and Hartford

At Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery, all BOTOX® treatments are performed by our facial plastic surgeons. Each has received specialized BOTOX® training and has a deep understanding of facial anatomy.

Before your injections, our surgeon will meet with you to share information and insights about the treatment. During this short consultation, they’ll make a note of your unique facial expressions and muscle positions to determine the proper locations for each BOTOX® injection. We’ll talk about the risks and benefits of BOTOX® and will let you know if we recommend this treatment. If BOTOX® isn’t right for you, we’ll help you find the treatment that is.

Before the procedure, we’ll clean the treatment area with an antiseptic to prepare for injection. The injections themselves take about 10 minutes. You’ll receive multiple small injections using a very fine needle, the smallest available. We use a topical numbing cream to ensure a comfortable injection experience. Most patients tolerate the procedure very well, but if you’re concerned, let us know.

After BOTOX®, patients return to regular activities immediately, with minimal activity restrictions. For the first day, we ask patients to avoid strenuous activities like cardio exercise and resistance training like weight lifting. You’ll also want to avoid rubbing the injection sites for the first four hours. Some medications can increase bruising and should be avoided temporarily. After a day, you can resume all regular activities.

BOTOX® results start to appear in about one week for most patients. Lines continue to improve and reach maximum effect two to three weeks after treatment. The effects of BOTOX® can last for up to four months. These timelines do vary, depending on how your body processes the treatment. BOTOX® results can be maintained with quarterly injections.

Is BOTOX® an Alternative to Facelift Surgery?

BOTOX® does an excellent job at smoothing dynamic wrinkles, the type of wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. It doesn’t lift sagging tissue or remove excess skin, however, which is the goal of a facelift. Additionally, BOTOX® only works on those active wrinkles, like crow’s feet, glabellar lines (lines between the brows), and forehead creases.

Patients with sagging or excess skin may want to consider a facelift. BOTOX® is often used to complement facelift surgery and maximize results.

We love BOTOX®, but before you get treatment, it is essential to understand what the procedure can and can’t do for you. We’ll talk about this in detail before you receive your injections. We want to be sure that each patient will love their results, and we achieve this goal with clear communication. We don’t gloss over information or oversell our treatments. We want you to know what you’re getting before a BOTOX® treatment.

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