Top 5 Myths about Facetite Facial Rejuvenation

Most of the time, you can’t even tell someone has had a facelift unless the results are unnatural looking. Less advanced techniques require more stretching than more current techniques of repositioning, causing the infamous “wind-blown” look. It’s why so many women and men pause when considering facial surgery. They want to turn back the effects… Read More »

Three Reasons to Schedule Your Chemical Peel for the Shady Fall Months

The warmer weather is behind us, and cooler temperatures are ahead. It’s a time for changing colors, falling leaves, and vibrant skin with chemical peels. Okay, not the best poem I agree, but autumn is a great time to rid yourself of dull, sun-damaged skin with the non-surgical skincare treatment of a chemical peel.  Although… Read More »

Part Four of our Skin Care Primer Series: Alpha-hydroxy-acids

Now that we’ve established the foundation of our skincare regimen with daily sunscreen use and topical tretinoin therapy, it’s time to maximize our results. There are a number of products available that complement the effects of tretinoin therapy, but none are as important as alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHAs). AHAs are several, naturally-occurring compounds that have been used… Read More »

Part Two of our Skin Care Primer Series: The Sun, Your Skin, and What You Need to Know

The warm radiance that seems to dance atop exposed skin; the soft, sun-kissed glow of rose-colored cheeks; the beautiful olive-tone skin characteristic of Mediterranean paradise. What is not to love about the summer sun? There’s a reason we all lay out for hours on end chasing the sunset. But buried below all that adoration is… Read More »