How to Rejuvenate Tired Eyes

From smiling to cringing to squinting to see an object in the distance, you don’t need your phone’s emoji menu to grasp the emotional range your eyes can express. However, your eyes’ eloquence, coupled with the thin, delicate skin around them, makes them typically the first facial feature to reveal the signs of aging.

As the eyelid skin turns lax and crepey, the underlying tissue droops, allowing underlying fat to push up into bulging bags, magnified by hollowed tear troughs. Your results may include cosmetic concerns like hooded eyes, loose skin, and undereye bags that give you a permanently fatigued look.

The long-lasting solution to restore youthful volume and natural contours is blepharoplasty, what many call an eyelid lift. This modern-day eye job is a minimally invasive aesthetic surgery that leaves near-invisible scarring and long-term rejuvenation. Read on to learn all your options.

Upper Eyelid Lift

Upper blepharoplasty targets the upper lids to resolve upper eyelid hooding where excess tissue protrudes over the crease. The operation can also address surplus fat at the lids’ inner corners and lax skin and tissue.

Lower Eyelid Lift

Lower eyelid surgery removes puffy undereye bags, resuspends sagging muscles, and resolves crepey skin. The procedure is safe and straightforward. Through a tiny incision hidden inside the lid, your surgeon can eliminate dark circles and fat bulges. The operation may involve an incision along the lower lash line to remove extra skin and tighten what remains.

Combining the Two

Combining an upper and lower blepharoplasty addresses problems from top to bottom in varying degrees for an overall revitalization. The surgery may also entail a brow lift to deliver a more comprehensive facial sculpting.

Other procedures to consider for an overall facial rejuvenation are facelift, neck lift, and facial liposuction.

When Do You Need Blepharoplasty Surgery?

Everyone eventually develops heavy eyelids when the skin loses its elasticity during the natural aging process. Since delaying the procedure may cause secondary problems like forehead lines or deep furrows, we recommend getting a blepharoplasty at the first sign of eyelid issues.

In the past, blepharoplasty surgeons tended to leave unnecessary hollows by removing too much fat, skin, and muscle. Because facial plastic surgery is ever-evolving, we now remove only the essentials, unlike years past. Today, with advanced techniques, we can recycle fat to smooth the areas between the lower lids and the cheeks.

Non-Surgical Solutions

Everyone knows about BOTOX®, and for a good reason. It’s the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide, delivering outstanding results. Under the care of an expert injector, you can expect outstanding results.

By adding dermal fillers to the treatment regimen, your surgeon can build up an aging brow to bring better support to the overlying tissue and resolve furrowed brows. These temporary fillers may delay the need for surgery, but ultimately, a surgical eyelift is necessary for long-lasting results.

Blepharoplasty Surgery in Farmington, CT

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