Makeup Tips After Eyelid Surgery

You’ve had the surgery, now show off your youthful results! After eyelid surgery, our patients are obviously excited to start wearing eye shadow and mascara again. We share in your excitement but want you to use makeup safely too. Be patient and let yourself heal before you sport that sparkly new eyeshadow. 

When can you resume cosmetics use after eyelid surgery? This guide will help you navigate the complicated world of makeup after plastic surgery. 

When is Makeup Okay?

A question most women have after blepharoplasty is, “Can I wear makeup after surgery?” The answer most of the time is no, but only temporarily. You see, right after surgery, your skin needs to heal and makeup will slow and complicate that process. During eyelid surgery recovery, focus on rest and keep the fresh incisions clean for at least two weeks after the procedure. 

Although it’s tempting to hide the after-effects of surgery, makeup isn’t the best option for accomplishing this camouflage. Sport your favorite shades when you go out for the first couple of weeks. With sunglasses on, no one will know you’ve had surgery and your incisions won’t be harmed by makeup too soon. 

Because every patient is different, there are no hard rules as to when you can apply makeup and when you can’t. We gauge this timeline based on healing, not days on the calendar. Follow the direction of your surgeon. During your post-surgery appointments, he will examine your eyes and help you decide when you can safely apply makeup again. In the meantime, be patient, the results are worth the wait. 

What about natural products? Are these safe for post-blepharoplasty skin? Many cosmetic products boast 100% natural ingredients. Natural is a buzzword that you can’t always believe. Natural doesn’t mean that a product won’t irritate. 

What cosmetics should you choose? Start with what you know. If your brand of makeup before surgery was effective and non-irritating, you may want to use it again after surgery. 

Continue with your regular moisturizer and foundation, and maybe add some blush. This will perk up your skin and make you feel better about your appearance until the bruising fades, and the swelling subsides. 

Although bruising and swelling are temporary, they stay with you for some time in varying shades. If your bruises are reddish, you may opt for a green liquid concealer. If blue or purple, a yellow hue will offset the tone. 

Applying Eye Makeup

Remember when you first apply eye makeup after blepharoplasty, less is always more. Use a light touch and then a thin base coat of foundation that matches your skin tone. If your surgeon approves, you can add a bit of eye shadow to make the area look great. Remember, don’t over-do it. You should avoid mascara until later when your healing is complete. 

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